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When SENG research efforts translate into important inventions, discoveries and initiatives
HKUST’s two humanoid robots performed a dance with music at the Intelligent Robot Contest 2019 in Seoul.
HKUST Became the First Hong Kong Team to Win in Sports Dance Category of Intelligent Robot Contest in Seoul
Leveraging Computer Science to Turn Imagination into Reality
Leveraging Computer Science to Turn Imagination into Reality
The winning team: (from left) Mak Ka-Hei, Leung Pok-Man, Mak Kin-Wing, Lee Chun-Hei and Amrutavarsh Sanganabasappa Kinagi, with their autonomous biped robot in front
HKUST Won 1st Runner-up and Dynamizer Award in Debut Participation in ROBO-ONE
SENG Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award 2018-19
Prof. Zhao Tianshou (middle) and Prof. Chen Qing (first from left) and their research teams.
HKUST-led Research Successfully Develops Rechargeable Liquid Fuels to Power Electric Vehicles and Electricity Grid
The MSc Fintech program launch ceremony is officiated by Prof. Lionel NI, Provost of HKUST (fifth right); Prof. TAM Kar-Yan, Dean of School of Business and Management (fourth right); Prof. Richard SO, Associate Dean of School of Engineering (Research and Graduate Studies) (second left) and Prof. Tim LEUNG, Associate Dean (Recruitment) of School of Science (first left) . Guests including Prof. Ning CAI, Program Director of the MSc Fintech Program (first right); Prof. HUI Kai-Lung, HKUST School of Business an
Multidisciplinary Education to Bridge Talent Gap in Fintech Industry
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Our line of distinguished faculty to explain phenomena, introduce innovations, debunk myths and share their engineering vision
"Our transition to a robotics-aided world has been so gradual but seamless that we may soon forget what life was even like before automation." Prof. LI Zexiang
"Engineering, especially computer engineering, is an amazing area. You can develop new technologies in the field and see how they change or improve people’s daily lives. That’s just more than awesome." Prof. ZHANG Qian
"When I Skype with my grandchildren on my cellphone, I enjoy seeing their most beautiful faces - on an OLED screen." Prof. TANG Ching-Wan, inventor of OLED
"AI is like a fast-running car. Data is like engine oil. Once the engine oil is refined into gas, we can propel this car to accomplish meaningful missions." Prof. YANG Qiang
"The joy of doing research is that you have the freedom to decide what problems to solve and how you can contribute to society." Prof. Irene LO
"We are naturally very excited about setting a world record. This is the first step in our research on capturing and analyzing giant photographs and videos." Prof. Pedro SANDER
"Design thinking, characterized by its divergent-convergent process, is a human-centered and creative problem-solving technique for innovation." Prof. Ravindra S. GOONETILLEKE
"To tackle complex and 'wicked' problems of the future, beyond knowledge and abilities, teamwork, creativity and grit are important skills for our students to cultivate." Dr. Winnie Suk Wai LEUNG
"The joy of autonomous driving research is to enable better living for everyone, towards seamless and highly efficient automatic transportation and logistics." Prof. Ming LIU
"I hope more women will consider engineering as a career to change the status quo and to say, 'I can do it too.'"  Prof. Angela Ruohao WU
"A research topic good enough for an academic paper may not be translatable into a commercial product. This involves using design thinking, a user-centric approach, to solve problems." Prof. Sai Kit YEUNG
QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019: Engineering & Technology
#1 in Hong Kong for 9 consecutive years
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