Faculty and Research
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Faculty and Research
The research philosophies of our faculty members from diverse backgrounds
"While 5G connects things now, 6G will represent a revolutionary leap and create a huge impact on the transformation of wireless and vertical industries by connecting intelligence and supporting the ubiquitous AI in the next decade." Prof. Khaled BEN LETAIEF
"I hope more women will consider engineering as a career to change the status quo and to say, 'I can do it too.'" Prof. Angela WU
"As biomedical scientists, it is simply amazing that what we design and implement could be a game changer in a healthcare system, saving human lives." Prof. Terence WONG
"Our transition to a robotics-aided world has been so gradual but seamless that we may soon forget what life was even like before automation." Prof. LI Zexiang
"The joy of doing research is that you have the freedom to decide what problems to solve and how you can contribute to society." Prof. Irene LO
"AI is like a fast-running car. Data is like engine oil. Once the engine oil is refined into gas, we can propel this car to accomplish meaningful missions." Prof. YANG Qiang
"Design thinking, characterized by its divergent-convergent process, is a human-centered and creative problem-solving technique for innovation." Prof. Ravindra S. GOONETILLEKE
"I've been very fortunate to have witnessed so many student entrepreneurs creating startups and in the process, dramatically elevating their capacity to create real world impact." Prof. Terrence YEE
"Humanity's thirst for energy has reached record levels that can only be quenched by the invention of new technologies drawing from multiple disciplines." Prof. Francesco CIUCCI
"When I Skype with my grandchildren on my cellphone, I enjoy seeing their most beautiful faces - on an OLED screen." Prof. TANG Ching-Wan, inventor of OLED
"University is a place for continuous learning and self-discovery, for students and faculty alike. I learn a lot from my students too, and it is really rewarding." Prof. Rhea LIEM
"The joy of autonomous driving research is to enable better living for everyone, towards seamless and highly efficient automatic transportation and logistics." Prof. Ming LIU
"We are naturally very excited about setting a world record. This is the first step in our research on capturing and analyzing giant photographs and videos." Prof. Pedro SANDER
"A research topic good enough for an academic paper may not be translatable into a commercial product. This involves using design thinking, a user-centric approach, to solve problems." Prof. Sai-Kit YEUNG
"To tackle complex and 'wicked' problems of the future, beyond knowledge and abilities, teamwork, creativity and grit are important skills for our students to cultivate." Dr. Winnie LEUNG
QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020: Engineering & Technology
#1 in Hong Kong for 10 consecutive years
Strategic Research Areas
Strategic research areas are essentially where the amalgamation of knowledge, know-how and insights of different engineering disciplines takes place. The ultimate goal for such cross-disciplinary exchanges is to venture into the unknown, tackle the seemingly impossible, create many more “firsts” and invent out-of-the-box solutions. By virtue of these interactions, we can also expect a continuous emergence of new engineering domains in the future, and any collaboration between them may in turn push back the frontiers even further. A wonderful cycle of invention and reinvention, is therefore made possible via research work that strategically combines the wisdom of different engineering disciplines.
Research Support
Facilities that have been sustaining and fortifying our research activities
Research Infrastructure
Research Infrastructure
SENG’s research infrastructure has served as an indispensable supporter and facilitator of interdisciplinary research projects that aim at making endless discoveries.
Research News / Stories
When our research efforts and insights translate into important inventions, discoveries and initiatives
Prof. Chen’s research sets a new paradigm for Hong Kong as a smart city.
Prof. CHEN Kai Designs Next-Generation AI Computing Hub and Sets New Paradigm
Prof. Kei May Lau is the first-ever woman winner of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s J. J. Thomson Medal for Electronics since it was first presented 44 years ago.
Prof. Kei May LAU Became the First-Ever Woman Recipient of IET J. J. Thomson Medal for Electronics
Excellence in teaching demonstrated by Prof. David Rossiter (second right), Prof. Ben Chan (second left), Prof. Henry Lam (first left) and Prof. Raymond Wong (first right). They were presented with the School’s teaching awards by Dean of Engineering Prof. Tim Cheng (center).
SENG Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award 2019-20
Prof. Wang Jiguang contributes to biomedical research with expertise in applied mathematics.
Prof. WANG Jiguang Marries Math with Biology to Help Find Cure to Rare Brain Cancer
Prof. Charles Ng Wang-Wai (left) and Prof. Hui Pan were elected as the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Fellow and International Fellow respectively.
Geotechnical and Mobile Computing Innovators Elected as Fellows of Royal Academy of Engineering
Prof. Chen Qing will conduct research on percolation dissolution and nanoporous metals for electrochemical energy storage with the award funding.
Prof. CHEN Qing Named Excellent Young Scientist by National Natural Science Foundation of China