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University of Exeter

What do students study at the University of Exeter in Year 4 and Year 5?

During Year 4, students will register concurrently with HKUST and the University of Exeter although they will physically be studying at the University of Exeter. Students will enroll into courses that help them complete the remaining requirements for the HKUST BEng or BSc degree programs in engineering or computer science. 

The courses taken at the University of Exeter may include the Final Year Project (FYP) / Final Year Thesis (FYT). To meet the FYP / FYT requirement, students can work on the project at the University of Exeter through remote supervision by HKUST engineering faculty.  Alternatively, students can register for Exeter engineering / computer science project course at the University of Exeter, and work under the joint supervision of the University of Exeter faculty and HKUST faculty.  

During the same year, students will start taking law courses to fulfill the JD degree requirements.  During Year 5, students will focus on law courses as they should have finished all requirements for the HKUST degrees by that time. 

For details, please refer to the Normative Pathway for JD

HKUST students in this Accelerated Program may also take courses in certain areas which may help to fulfill the common core requirements. Enrolment in any specific course at the University of Exeter is not guaranteed, and is subject to enrolment restrictions and conditions of individual courses. Non-law courses completed at the University of Exeter can be transferred to HKUST in accordance with HKUST’s established policies that govern credit transfer during study. For details, please refer to Credit Transfer during Study of Academic Registry.

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