HKUST-Exeter Engineering and Law Program

The HKUST-Exeter Engineering and Law Program (hereafter referred to as “the Engineering and Law Accelerated Program”) enables students to earn an engineering degree and a law degree in only 5 years.


To add a legal dimension to the engineering education that it offers, the School of Engineering has partnered with the University of Exeter, UK to provide an accelerated pathway for its engineering students, which aims at allowing students to earn a degree from the HKUST School of Engineering (a BEng or BSc in Engineering or Computer Science AND a law degree from the University of Exeter (Juris Doctor (JD)Note 1) within 5 years. 

Within this framework, students of the HKUST School of Engineering will complete the first 3 years at HKUST with around 108 credits earned. Afterwards, they will attend the University of Exeter for 2 more years to complete their Year 4 and Year 5 studies. During their time at the University of Exeter, students will officially register for the Juris Doctor (JD) offered by the University of Exeter. It is expected that students will have completed all the requirements for the HKUST BEng or BSc programs at the end of Year 4, and be awarded the corresponding BEng / BSc degrees by the HKUST.  

By the end of the 5th year of study, students are expected to have completed all requirements for the law degree programs and be awarded the JD by the University of Exeter. In sum, participating students will be able to earn 2 degrees in 5 years—BEng / BSc (from HKUST) and JD (from the University of Exeter).   


(1) The law program offered by the University of  Exeter is Juris Doctor (JD) for 2018/19 to 2020/21 intakes. It is subject to change from 2021/22 intake onwards.

(2) Owing to the use of different terminologies by the HKUST and the University of Exeter, the term “course” used on this website is equivalent to a “module” referred to by the University of Exeter.) 

The following table illustrates the normative pathway of the Engineering and Law Accelerated Program:

Y1 – Y3

HKUST Requirements relevant to the students’ major program 

By Y3 Fall term

Contract Law

Y4 (T1&2) 

  • 2 Engineering / CS courses 

  • Engineering / CS Project

  • 4 law courses 

Y5 (T1&2) 

6 law courses

Y5 (Summer) 

Law research paper 

UG – Joint University Programs (Exeter)