MSc / PGD in Civil Infrastructural Engineering and Management

This program is a gateway for students to learn from our professors with diverse knowledge and research experience in the field gained from some of the top engineering institutions from around the world. 


Chun-Man CHAN (PhD, University of Waterloo) 

Chih-Chen CHANG (PhD, Purdue University)  

Guanghao CHEN (DEng, Kyoto University)  

Jack C. P. CHENG (PhD, Stanford)

Mohamed S. GHIDAOUI (PhD, University of Toronto)  

Jun Shang KUANG (PhD, Cambridge University; PhD, University of Hong Kong) 

Christopher K. Y. LEUNG (PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 

Hong-Kam LO (PhD, Ohio State University) 

Irene M. C. LO (PhD, University of Texas, Austin) 

Charles W. W. NG (PhD, University of Bristol) 

Chii SHANG (PhD, Purdue University) 

Tim K. TSE (PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Gang WANG (PhD, University of California, Berkeley)  

Hai YANG (DEng, Kyoto University) 

Li Min ZHANG (PhD, Sichuan University) 

Xiangru ZHANG (PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 

Eric Xueqing ZHANG (PhD, University of Hong Kong; PhD, University of Alberta) 

Jidong ZHAO (PhD, Tsinghua)