Student Sharing

We are honored to nurture so many engineering students over the past decades.  Many of them consider HKUST as their roots and home to their growth of knowledge and lifelong learning.  Come and listen to a few of them who happily share their experience at SENG.

FENG Jun (Mainland China) 

PhD (ECE) student; HKPFS awardee 2017-18

GOODWIN George Robert (Germany) 

PhD (CIVL) graduate; HKPFS awardee 2015-16

MIYAZAKI Hijiri (Japan) 

MPhil (MAE) student


Kyle WONG (Hong Kong) 

PhD (BIEN) student; HKPFS awardee 2019-20

Dr ZHU Shangqian

ZHU Shangqian (Mainland China) 

PhD (CBME) graduate; Winner of the School of Engineering PhD Research Excellence Award 2019-20; Awardee of Research Grants Council Postdoctoral Fellow Scheme 2020-21

Postdoctoral Fellow at HKUST, Hong Kong

“It was one of my most precious memories to pursue MPhil and PhD studies at CBE Department of School of Engineering at HKUST, where I learned how to conduct cutting-edge, exciting and rigorous research. The unreserved support from my supervisor, vibrant research environment, convenient university central research facilities, professional technical teams, and generous scholarship help me achieve a fruitful and enjoyable post-graduate study. The core values of HKUST will always guide my life in the future.” 

Dr YU Xianghao

YU Xianghao (Mainland China) 

PhD (ECE) graduate; Winner of the School of Engineering PhD Research Excellence Award 2018-19

Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

“It was my great honor to spend my PhD study at HKUST, where I have seen the most professional research environments, supportive research teams, and splendid campus scenery. In particular, I had been very lucky to have my supervisors and advisors not only providing guidance for my research without reservation, but also giving me freedom to achieve a work-life balance. I would never forget the days spent in the academic building, the beautiful sea view seen from the library, as well as the time spent together with my friends in Hong Kong.” 


WANG Hao (Mainland China) 

PhD (CSE) graduate; HKPFS Awardee 2013-14; Winner of the School of Engineering PhD Research Excellence Award 2017-18 

Postdoc Research Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the U.S. 

“My four years of PhD study at UST turned out to be greatly enjoyable and fruitful, thanks to the immense support from my supervisor, the vibrant research environment at UST, and all the help from my friends. With the support from HKUST and HKPF, I had the opportunities of travelling to conferences to present my work and visiting different overseas universities to conduct research. In the process, I got to build up connections with friends and colleagues from around the world and I kept being inspired by them. Looking back, those years at HKUST prepared me very well, both mentally and technically, for the next stage of my career after my graduation, and they will continue to guide me along the way in the future.” 


KUAI Qin (Mainland China) 

PhD (ECE) student; HKPFS Awardee 2016-17 

“HKUST provides an excellent research environment for me, from the convenient facilities to the rich intellectual resources. A wide variety of scholarships not only guarantee my daily subsistence but also help me go further to attend all kinds of international activities. My supervisor is adept at guiding and inspiring me in the research and gave me his support and trust all the time.” 

CHEUNG Wai-Ting Ken

CHEUNG Wai-Ting Ken (Hong Kong) 

PhD (CSE) student participant in the dual-degree program between HKUST and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  

“Studying in a foreign environment changes your life. You have the opportunities to work with leading researchers in the world. These opportunities help you gain practical experiences with experts in different fields. Besides professional development, you may enjoy the cultural differences. This dual-degree program is a rare opportunity that you do not want to miss.” 


Matteo CASSANELLO (Italy)  

MPhil (CBME) student participant in the dual-degree program between HKUST and Politecnico di Milano  

“It has been an amazing experience and a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and grow both professionally and as a person. In particular, I think that the possibility to challenge myself in a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multidisciplinary environment has had great benefits in that I started looking at things from a different perspective, embracing new points of view and ultimately becoming a more all-round person.”  


Mehdi ZOUAGUI (Morocco) 

MPhil (MECH) student participant in the dual-degree program between HKUST and CentraleSupélec 

"The CentraleSupélec / HKUST dual-degree program illustrates the complementarity between both institutions and is more than beneficial to my academic training and future professional life as an engineer. It was the natural extension of my CentraleSupélec curriculum!"