Advisory Committee

SENG draws on the expertise of a distinguished team of local and overseas academics and industrial leaders to advise on strategic planning, research, curricular development and academic standards, faculty recruitment and evaluation, as well as collaborative activities with industry in teaching and research. Their valuable experience and insight help the School advance in education and research and strengthen its connection with the industry.

Academic Advisors 

Robert T. Haslam Professor in Chemical Engineering and 
Professor of Chemistry & Biological Engineering 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Prof. Evelyn HU 
Tarr-Coyne Professor of Applied Physics and of Electrical Engineering 
Harvard University 

Prof. James KLAUSNER 
Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering 
Michigan State University 

Prof. Kincho LAW 
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Stanford University 

Prof. M. Tamer ÖZSU 
Professor, Data Systems Research Group 
David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science 
University of Waterloo 

Prof. David SIMCHI-LEV 
Professor and Co-Director for Global Operations 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Industrial Advisors 

Ir. CHAN Chi-Chiu 
Past President 
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 

Ir. Prof. Daniel M.C. CHENG 
Managing Director, Dunwell Group 
Honorary President, Federation of Hong Kong Industries 

Mr. Oscar CHOW 
Non-Executive Director 
Chevalier Group 

Mr. Alfred CHUANG 
Founder and Chairman 
Magnet Systems 

Prof. Albert IP Yuk-Keung 
Independent Non-executive Director 
New World Development 

Dr. LEE Kaifu 
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 
Sinovation Ventures 

Ir. Dr. LO Wai-Kwok 
Member of Legislative Council 
(Engineering Functional Constituency) 
of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 
of the People's Republic of China 

Mr. Victor NG 
Managing Director 
Micom Tech Limited 

Mr. Paul POON 
Vice Chancellor – CLP Power Academy 
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited 

Dr. Frank TONG Fuk-Kay 
Global Head of Innovation and Strategic Investment 
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) 

Dr. Ben WANG 
Chief Technology Officer 

Dr. ZHANG Hongjiang 
Former Chief Executive Officer 
Kingsoft and Kingsoft Cloud 

Dr. ZHANG Xinguo 
Executive Vice President and CIO 
Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)